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Bally Haly Country Club's curling community is large and strong, with many leagues to service competitive or non-competitive tastes for any schedule. Browse through our present listing and find a league that works for you. We are always open to new members whose enthusiasm for the sport reflects the best of Bally Haly’s traditions.

Morning Curling

Morning Curling has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. Players have the opportunity to curl on four mornings - Tuesday to Friday. Whether there will be one or two draws per morning will depend on the number of players who register. Beginner curlers are encouraged.

  • Wednesday and Friday mornings are team entry (individuals may sign up and be placed on teams looking for members).
  • Tuesday morning is Turkey Spiel. Early in November, players can register for the Turkey Spiel where the curlers who accumulate the most points are rewarded with a Christmas turkey.
  • Thursday morning is individual entry, teams will be made up if numbers warrant.

Monday Mixed Curling

Monday Mixed Curling can be competitive but in a very relaxed and social atmosphere. The teams consist of two males and females with alternating positions. Last year, because of the large number of curlers, there were two draws each evening. After Christmas, players compete for the mixed club championship.

Tuesday Super League

Tuesday Super League is the most competitive curling at the club and is open to both male and female teams. The entry fee is $300.00 a team and the fees are distributed to teams based on their performance during the season. There is an opportunity for both team and individual entry.

Wednesday Night Jackpot Curling

Wednesday Night Jackpot Curling is the best entry level for both inexperienced and new curling members to the club. Generally, players register for a specific position - skip, mate etc. by placing their names on the appropriate sign-up sheet. Teams are then constructed by the convener and players acquire points.


Thursday Ladies Curling

Thursday Ladies Curling is the most competitive league for ladies at the club. While this league is quite competitive, there is an opportunity for inexperienced curlers to become involved. There are usually some openings for individual entries in addition to team entry. This league alternates with Men's Curling starting at either 6:30 pm or 9:00 pm.

Thursday Night Men's Curling

Thursday Night Men's Curling has experienced tremendous growth as well. While this league can be competitive, there is an opportunity for new and inexperienced male curlers to compete.

Junior Curling

Junior Curling takes place from 9:00am to 10:00am Saturday morning and is open to curlers from ages 10-20. The program has developed some competitive teams that have competed for the provincial junior title.

Little Rocks

Little Rocks is a developmental program to introduce beginners to curling. It operates on Saturday mornings from 9:00 - 10:00 am and is intended for beginning curlers below the age of 10. In this program, junior curling rocks which are more appropriate for beginners are utilized. Instruction is provided in a very relaxed environment. Elinor Udell is convenor for Little Rocks.


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